CIW and La Via Campesina

29 Nov

To my understanding, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers is an organization that fights large companies with the issue of improving wages and working conditions for tomato workers. They are based out of Florida but communicate with many other states worldwide to help them defend social justice within the system. Many of the people that are apart of these groups are Latino, Haitan and Mayan Indians who also are workers in low-wage jobs throughout the state, including farm workers. One act they brought to the table was the idea of making one penny more per bucket of tomatoes. If you asked me, that is a huge promotion in the long run. Can companies really afford to do that? Should they really be paid more? Also, CIW has been in arguments with Taco Bell, McDonalds, Compass Group and Whole Foods Market all about improving wages in the chain of supply. With Taco Bell, they were able to agree on multiple aspects of the system including incentives and respecting worker human rights. If they were able to get the attention of a company like Taco Bell that is known around the world, then they must have a pretty big impact and are possibly able to impact other companies. Later, they were able to make an agreement with McDonalds, Burger King and Whole Foods. This organization has done some pretty big things within the food industry. I wonder if they are able to push those companies into paying their workers with higher wages?


La Via Campesina is an organization advocating family-farm based agriculture and the goal is to realize food sovereignty and stop the destructive neoliberal process. The right to grow agriculture in one’s own territory. They just want to be able to provide for their community in a healthy way without relying on the corrupted food industry. This organization is made up of nine regions and continues to fight for justice within their community and worldwide.


The only thing that both of these organizations want is change, change in wages, change in working conditions and change in the food industry. If CIW continues on the path that it is going now then they will soon prosper and companies will recognize not only what they are doing but what their competitors are also doing. There is not much as a consumer that we can do about it though unless we work for the company. Either 1. Stop eating or buying at places that sell these tomatoes, which is most unlikely because we like the food or 2. Continue to eat there promoting the cause in a way, so really it is up to the manufacturers or company executives to figure out something if need be.


One Response to “CIW and La Via Campesina”

  1. djlwsu December 2, 2011 at 2:35 pm #

    How does each challenge consumer relationships?

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