Dissmore’s in Pullman vs. Safeway in Gig Harbor

6 Nov

When going to Dissmore’s to buy grocery, the first thing I notice when I walk in is the coffee stand in front of me, the bakery to my left, and the wine just behind the coffee stand. As I continue to shop for produce, I quickly notice the pasta salads and deli meat that jump out and try to grab my attention, along with the array of sushi that I so often buy. Making my way around the produce and deli section, I arrive at the yogurts and milk then continue on to the frozen meal aisle. The way they have it set up is marketed intentionally for college students. The pop aisle is right next to the cold alcoholic beverages which are also right next to the bottle water and energy drinks. It is pretty convenient to make a one stop shop in only a matter of a couple aisles. There are promotions daily for buy one get one or so many dollars for so many items. Carrying on my way, I stroll past the magazines and the cougar gear that always catches my attention whether it be a Vogue magazine or cute Cougar slippers. Finally as I am done shopping and ready to check out, the marketing strategy, point of purchase, habitually lures me into buying candy, gum or some sort of drink. This tool that almost every grocery store I have visited has, adds a little something extra to one’s cart. As I leave the store, I notice a Redbox machine. This makes it very convenient to rent movies while going grocery shopping. The geography of choices available to college students are geared towards certain products. You can definitely tell the target market when you first step through those automatic doors.

 Secondly, as I visit home, the way grocery stores lay out products is much different than the way they arrange products in a college town. I notice as I walk into Safeway in Gig Harbor that they market and promote flowers and produce first. As I continue to walk by the next thing I see is the natural/ health food area. I begin to think, why do they arrange products this way? I came up with, they do this because Gig Harbor is for the most part, a pretty well off town with the majority of ages being over 40. High income, elderly people usually care more about what they eat and that being more organic foods promoted to them. As I continue to shop along, towards the back of the store I notice the bakery.  I also notice that the milk is on the back wall, which brings up what we discussed in class about how milk is usually a staple item for many households and companies usually put milk in the back so they have to walk through everything else first. But one thing that Safeway in Gig Harbor does is puts the wine and alcoholic beverages by their deli/ Chinese takeout area. I’m not sure why they do that, you would think they would put it next to the items that market 40 and older. I guess I can assume that they do this because they are trying to market the younger ages over 21 that might usually have less healthier diets.  The company might think that since they are buying beer or any kind of alcohol, they might be hungry later and want to buy some junk food at the same time also.

 Having visited two different stores in two different locations, there is a definite line about who their target market and demographics are geared towards.  Both stores know where to place products and who demands what type of product.  So for college consumers, it is easy to shop at a store like Dissmore’s and for the high income, elderly, it is easy to shop at a store like Safeway.


3 Responses to “Dissmore’s in Pullman vs. Safeway in Gig Harbor”

  1. djlwsu November 8, 2011 at 5:41 pm #

    What does this tell us about choice? How does this connect to Patel? How does convenience disempower consumers?

  2. jeanetteperales November 9, 2011 at 4:59 am #

    As college students we are already figured out to be lazy to cook and ready to drink every weekend, so Dissmores knows how to set up their market knowing this. Does it work? of course it does! We do no have a choice but to grab items that are presented to us even if not really necessary. The market just needs to know the majority of the consumers in the area to make the market successful for the most part.

  3. djumbo28 November 28, 2011 at 9:24 pm #

    The biggest thing that stuck out to me is how dis mores lacks the flower section that is located right in the entrance of my local grocery store. Do you think its right to believe that as college students we lack the initiative to be romantic?

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